crème pâtissière

Remember this scene with Remy and Gustav? The small imaginary chef peering over my shoulder as I bake and cook is Rachel Khoo. I've started watching her tv cooking show, and I love it.
I have 'devoured' her Little Paris Kitchen cookbook. However, I cannot buy every cookbook that comes out of France. So I place new purchase requests at the library. Tonight is my second attempt in as many days at her crème pâtissière to make mousse éclats de chocolat (with the addition of broiled marshmallows and graham cracker on top, mais non!). If the mousse turns out, I'm buying the book. If not...I may have to check it out frequently from the library. 


bake sale

You ought to come! If you feel so inclined, I would be grateful for any baked goods or canned vegetables or jams you'd care to sell for Funds for Eloise. If you need my address, message moi!



...When Josephine's head cold turns into an ear infection. She doesn't do ear infections small. Oh no. Pus is actively draining out her right ear. 
Settling in for the long haul tonight. Who doesn't like to start a Monday with no sleep, right?


Rousham Gardens

If we are driving for more than 20 minutes, and the girls are happy. I listen to podcasts with an earbud. I was transported with this one:
What a garden! It may be because I live in a high, arid climate where laurels don't reflect the moonlight, but a purely green and antique white garden seems like a dream. Tea shop or no, I think I would be quite satisfied to visit. Or to move in. 
Rousham Gardens:
What what? The Dying Gaul, in stone!
Garden design by William Kent. 


Museum of Natural Curiosity

The Museum of Natural Curiosity in Lehi, Utah, is crazy cool. I think since we have a pass, I will take the girls every Friday after school since it's an early out!


Throwback Thursday!

I can hardly believe I am doing something on my blog as trendy as Throwback Thursday. But I love seeing what other people post, so here is one for you!
All three years of high school, French Club. Bien sur!
It feels like I was president of the French Club for all three years? I don't know. But I sure made those other members suffer a thousand showings of Cyrano de Bergerac. Anyone remember this post three years ago?
Okay, please revel in the high school awesome-ness of those quotes.

I have been obsessed with France and all things French since I can remember. Now my daughter, Jo, she has a genuine passion for India. She dressed herself in her sari for school, and then found the brooch in the costume jewelry and thought, Hey! A perfect headpiece.
I asked her if she was SURE she wanted to wear this to school. On the slides? On the floor? Yes. And she did. She wore it until bed time.
I can't wait to see where her obsession brings her.