gas station hot dog

My mom has this term "your gas station hot dog." It was inspired by our friend Jeanne who is, literally, a gourmet chef. Her cooking/baking skills are out of this world. However, every once in a while she craves a gas station hot dog. The kind that sit for indeterminable amounts of time rolling under a heat lamp. The kind that couldn't be more processed in any way.
And she loves them.
Thus the term was born. "Your gas station hot dog" is something in your personality or habits that makes you, well, normal. It's something that doesn't quite fit with the rest of who you are. For my mom, it's country music. You'd never peg her as knowing the lyrics to the Dixie Chicks. For Trevor, it's probably his love of Porsches. For me, it's BBC's Robin Hood. Yes it's BBC, but it's the kind of TV show I would normally scoff at. ("Ridiculous plot line! She can't die twice!" "That is SO not medieval." etc.)
But I love it.

Gas stations hot dogs make people more lovable, more approachable, more human. I love uncovering them in others - especially when it's totally unexpected.

What's your hot dog?


  1. I used to read romances. I currently read STAR magazine. I listen to ACDC. I like swanson's frozen meat pies. I could go on and on. Great question!

  2. The answer is yes. Brad is feeling trapped.

  3. I enjoy action movies (good ones) (24 tv series!!), and Jane Austen-style movies. I love frozen state-fair corndogs. Stick them in the oven for 15 minutes and mmm delicious. (haha now I want one!)If I ever lost my arms in some freak accident and couldn't do my music anymore, I would probably (first be a guest musician for orchestras and stuff), but to make a living I would probably be a fashion/home designing consultant. I LOVE What Not to Wear and Project Runway. Stacy and Clinton-oooo to meet them would be awesome. Haha. I hate all other "reality" TV. :P

  4. BBC Robin Hood is fantastic!!! I am totally in love with it and have both seasons on DVD. I am also a member of Richard Armitage's fan club and proud of it baby!!!! My sister and I get in fights over who is hotter, Guy or Robin. Duh- Guy for sure!!! There wasn't even a shirtless Robin scene last season!

  5. What?! Robin is totally hotter. He's more mischievous, flirty and funny. And he's not evil.

    Season 3 is going to be a bummer I think. No Marian! Hello! That's part of the reason I watched it! No steamy kisses and double-crossing!

    We should have a Robin Hood party. Do you get BBC directly? We only have BBC America.

  6. One word:


    Oh, what a delicious hot dog it is, except when I hate it.

  7. I have access to BBC America, but I get the shows on YouTube as they show in the UK.
    If you like RH you should totally watch Doctor Who. It is awesome!! David Tenant is CRAZY HOT!!!!