keeping faith

Learning lessons in endurance, patience and faith. We're doing our second 12-hour test today, which basically means we let the girls wake up on their own and eat, but they have to reach certain levels of how much they eat every three hours to pass. We've already failed one, and that was five days ago. We're having faith that today we'll make it. We have to believe in Amelia and Josephine, and infuse them with good vibes (and so many prayers!!!)

They are SO CUTE. We love them with all our hearts and can't believe how big they are growing! They are both approaching seven pounds, and are starting to look like full term babies rather than preemie aliens. Jo's hair is a little bit lighter and fluffier than Amelia's, whose is darker and silkier.

Josephine in her bath, looking slightly concerned

First family photo! I'm holding Jo, Trev's got Millie

Didn't think I was going to be a "bow mom." But oh my word - with girls this adorable it's impossible not to!


  1. What a great looking family! The girls are both beautiful. And Shelley I love your blouse- great color on you!

  2. Their eyes are sooo deep... despite the concerned face, that is really a beautiful picture of Josephine.
    Praying for them. Let us know how that test turns out.. hope they can get out of there soon. We're rooting for you Jo and Millie!!

  3. These pictures of you all completely touch my heart.

  4. I love the family picture!!! Terribly precious. I'm so glad the girls are home!