three things

  1. Had a dream that Barack Obama and I went through a gallery of contemporary art together and had a deep discussion about a work that featured a piece of pizza with his face emblazoned on it. Cool.
  2. Just finished listening to the audio book of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. Absolutely loved it. My favorite book I've read this year.
  3. I have the cutest twins in the world. Just look at those faces!

They both smile all the time, but it's hard to catch on camera. Here Jo's giving you quite the face!

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  1. Shelley-
    I'm so glad you read (and loved) The Graveyard Book! It is SO amazing- I recommend it to EVERYONE! I'm now reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman- its awesome! Anyway, we are so happy for you and Trevor! If we come up anytime soon, we'll be sure to call so that we can see you beautiful girls! I'm very glad you are finally home and settling into life as parents! Keep us posted about the girls!

    Bethany and Chad