I am fairly obsessed with names, and naming these two beautiful girls was a major occupation for me before they were born. They were named Josephine Sarah and Amelia Rose with an enormous dose of conscious thought, and I thought I would pictorial discuss them each.

J o s e p h i n e

This name in part pays homage to Trev's best friend, Joseph. This photograph is a pretty good representation of his personality :). Joseph is an important person in Trevor's life, and his family a model of how we would like ours to be (however, I'm pretty sure my body could not endure 11 pregnancies!)

Jo March is also one of my all-time favorite literary heroines, and Little Women one of my favorite books. I thought it would be a lovely namesake for a girl. Jo March also represents many qualities I hope both my girls attain - independence, intelligence, creativity and a sense of self.

Lastly, I liked the connotation to Josephine Bonaparte, the woman who made the name famous, and its enduring French quality. Josephine Bonaparte was elegant, sophisticated, and an avid gardener. We have in fact started referring to our little Josephine as "The Empress," because she sure thinks she is. Her tastes already veer towards the more luxuriant - she needs her milk at a specific temperature to take it, sleeps best in our softest blankets, and truly loves her bath time spa treatments. Anyway, it's a fitting connection for our Josephine, because at this point she seems more like a French aristocrat than an American authoress :).

A m e l i a

Trevor & I both loved Amelia; one of those names that appeared on both of our lists. It is, of course, partly inspired by the most famous Amelia of all time, the aviator. Who hasn't dreamed of flying solo across the ocean, or soaring in a biplane? She captured my imagination as a little girl, and I like her as a feminist figure. She wasn't strident or harsh, just exactly who she was. Millie as a nickname fits our Amelia like a glove. We've also taken to calling her 'Rosie' because of her rosy-chipmunk cheeks and because she's such a happy baby.

As for their middle names, they are after my best friend Sarah (Josephine Sarah), and Holly Rose (Amelia Rose), pictured below with my fabulous sister at my wedding. Good thing they both have lovely names, huh? They are also wonderful human beings I hope my girls can learn from as I have.

So there it is - the stories of their names! It only took me four whole days to actually get this post finished, ha ha. I never get longer than ten minutes in a stretch it seems like.

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  1. How wonderful! I also love the idea of naming kids after people; it conveys a sense of meaning and legacy and heritage to the name. Thanks for sharing about why you chose the names you did for the girls.