shelley + josephine + ? = happy nursing

The missing part of the equation? Apparently a bath. Becoming increasingly desperate in my attempts for The Empress Josephine to nurse, I swaddled her tightly in a fleece blanket, and went for a dip with her in my parent's giant tub. Relaxed, comfortable, wet and warm, she decided that nursing was the thing for her. I could not believe it. I still kind of can't. For four days we did the same thing, and then tried her out if the tub. Success was ours!! I'm ecstatic, overjoyed, humbled, thrilled.

At our two month appointment, our pediatrician told us that Josephine's difficulty with breastfeeding was a personality issue rather than a neurological or developmental problem. Ha, ha, I thought, what a long road I have yet to travel with this child. So I decided to play the game a little differently. Our first experiment in the tub was a week ago, and like chapter 25 in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, a bath was the missing clue. Josephine even smiled. Yesterday she breastfed exclusively. I haven't told anyone in fear that it would somehow jinx our good fortune, but I think she's hooked. She's still not a big eater like her sister, she's more the "eat to live" rather than "live to eat" sort.

Parenting lesson for this week: sometimes it's not a test of wills, sometimes you have to play them at their own game and beat them at it.


  1. YAY yay YAY yay YAY!
    Hooray for Jo and her awesome mom!
    (Seriously, this is great news. Did you hear that bathtub idea from somewhere or did it just come to you? Ingenious!)

  2. Hooray! I loved nursing my babies. And after having bottle fed foster babies I can say that breastfeeding is WAY easier!
    And I agree. The bathtub idea was ingenious!

  3. OH, that's so awesome! I'm glad that you've figured something out. What a relief. And I love that you cleverly connected bathing to Harry Potter. :)

  4. Oh yay Shelley! I'm so glad that she's nursing the snotty empress.

  5. Hooray! I am so happy for you! Nursing can be so stressful, and I haven't even come close to your challenges. Funny that you blogged about this, because I've started weaning my son today! He'll be 12 months in a couple weeks and I'm thinking we're done. But my chest is in a lot of pain:) He doesn't seem to care too much yet. Hope everything keeps going well! Oh, and I am a live to eat kind of person.