In several tabs in my internet server, there are dozens and dozens of virtual shopping carts filled with books, clothes, picture frames, necklaces, purses, hand and head accessories, Disney merchandise, art, unnecessary but cool objects, clothes, wall art, paint colors, and baby outfits. I one-handedly shop the free virtual world a few times a day while my Boppy liberates one hand from a nursing baby. The fact that I never progress to "Check Out" doesn't perturb me, or spoil the fun. But I'm tired of my old shopping haunts, are there any great websites to shop? Any great online forums to virtually "faire du lèche-vitrine"? Here are my regulars:
  • Etsy. Endless hours could be spent filling my mind with craft ideas I would like to do.
  • The King's English. I read their monthly Inkslinger, and quickly fill a shopping cart with books whose reviews caught my eye.
  • RealMemories. Upload your photos, and then digitally frame them. It's fun.
  • Anthropologie. My Anthro dreams are only ever realized in the imaginary realm.
  • Baby Gap. Like all of Gap, I don't like all of it, but some select items are hard to resist.
  • Naartjie. Sarah and Brooke brought me to Naartjie's outlet store in Arizona, and I wish I could make this South African company the sole providers for my daughter's wardrobe.
  • iTunes. Always looking to make my music library more varied.
  • The Met Store. Mostly I like to imagine I've just finished an 8 to 12 hour jaunt through the Met's various magic-filled halls, and I'm browsing the gift shop at the end.
  • IKEA, where I recently purchased this, and the girls have been entranced.

So...are there any online shops you frequent to recommend?


  1. Wow, I can't believe I remember what it means to "faire du lèche-vitrine"! I admit it took me a good 30 seconds of searching through the dusty filing cabinets of French in my head, but then I laughed and in my head thanked Mme. Cornaby for such a delightful phrase.

    Anyway, to actually answer your question, I quite enjoy Amazon. Sounds generic but I'm always amazed at the sheer amount of...stuff they have. I'm finishing up getting a new round of textbooks from there, plus getting some birthday presents. Never fails to disappoint.

  2. I just found this new site the other day: http://fairytalesandpostitnotes.com/ It' not very big so it won't keep you occupied for long, but it's got some neat stuff on it. My personal favorite is the divers helmet necklace.