absence makes the heart go wander

Two Disney Destinations I'm dying to experience:

  • The Walt Disney Museum - a museum chronicling Disney's life. I love learning about Walt's life and career, so naturally I can't wait to wander these galleries!
  • The D23 Annual Expo - my mom is a member of D23, and every three months a large, shiny new magazine stuffed full of Disney awesomeness comes in the mail. My mom, Daina, Trevor and I plan out when it's each other's turn to read it; it's the hottest item in the house. Last month's magazine focused on the fortieth anniversary of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, and the cover glowed in the dark! Also last month's issue opened with an invitation to the first D23 Expo in Anaheim. It's going to be a wonderland for a Disney geek like me. The Disney archives have opened for the first time ever to exhibit some famous movie memorabilia, like the actual submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and the actual hand-painted book from the opening scene of Sleeping Beauty. Oh my word! What I dream about is all the free merchandise, talks given by people like John Lasseter and Robert Iger about the future of the company and insights into new movies, and the commemorative pins and kitsch. And afterward, you could just take a trolley to the park......*sniff.*

The Disney Museum opening and the Expo happen within three weeks of each other, and I wish I could go! This December marks 3 years since I last visited Disneyland. But we're young parents, and poor students, and we have fun in store, we just gotta wait. Ooh, and think what fun it will be to bring our wee lasses!

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  1. It will be so much more fun the first time you take your babies. Wish I could have been there too!