My favorite things about the girls right now:

  • She chatters. Such a social baby. She loves to watch you talk to her. Trevor can especially get her going. Coos and ahhhs and little splutters.
  • She has the fattest cheeks I've ever seen on a baby. I probably kiss them a hundred times a day.
  • I love cuddling with her in our afternoon naps. Josephine won't sleep unless she's in her crib, so this is some good one-on-one time with Millie I cherish. She's so sweet and loving, she falls asleep with her hand on my neck and just cuddly. I will seriously miss this stage.
  • She has fat feet. Mmmmm....soooo cute.
  • She's always too warm. A trait she inherited from her dad. I have to keep her in minimum amount of clothing so she doesn't get overheated.
  • She's rubbing out her hair all over. I'm curious if it will come in a different color.

  • She has such intelligent eyes.
  • When she smiles, if you really make her happy, she clasps her hands in front of her chest and turns her head away from you like une petite coquette. Such a little flirt!
  • I just love how she nuzzles right under my chin when I hold her on my chest. It instantly calms her down, and it makes her mama so happy.
  • Her "Hour with Bing." One evening not so long ago Josephine was crying for the sake of being fussy. I was busy feeding her sister, and couldn't hold her, so I was rocking her with my foot in the cool chair, and tried playing her some music. Fuss, fuss, fuss. Then over our bedroom speakers came the melodic, crooning intonations of Bing Crosby. Like magic, she was pacified. She stared at the direction of the music with a quizzical expression, as if saying "I know this voice!" Maybe they sang together in the choirs above. So now I have another weapon in my arsenal against Josephine's chronic evening blues - Mr. Crosby.


  1. Awwww. So sweet. I miss them, and you.

  2. Bings calms ME down too... especially the irish lullaby from "Going my Way".

  3. What a cute idea. I think I need to make a list of my favorite things about Paxton. Thanks for the idea. I still can't wait to meet the girls!

  4. That will be interesting to see if her hair comes in a different color. Apparently, I was born with jet black hair and it came back in light blonde. Now it's this light brown color.. who knows.

    And that is amazing with Bing Crosby!

  5. I am so glad you are loving being a mommy of twins- I am super biased but twins are the best and everyone should be a twin :)

    I'd still love to blog stalk you via google reader even after you go private (pretty please)


  6. I love that Josephine loves Bing. I can tell she's got good taste.

  7. I love this entry. It lets me keep up on them and get to know them. Give them big kisses from their Aunt Lisa