I need a summer in Britain

There are three annual events in the UK that I will attend someday. Two are in Wales, one in Edinburgh. In order of the one I am most eager to attend:
  • The Eisteddfod. This is a poetry competition occurring every year in a different city in Wales, with roots to medieval times. For a solid year I studied Eisteddfod chairs, thinking I'd write my master's thesis on them, but I didn't have enough support in the faculty, or the resources, to truly pursue it. I don't regret how things turned out, the year I spent studying them nor the switch in topics. If you want to know more about them, stop by and I'll give you an earful.
  • Bog Snorkeling. Need I elaborate?
  • The Fringe. This is one of the world's biggest art festivals. Drama, music, art, all outdoors. I can't imagine a more fun event, except if it included books and author reads.

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