My babies are sleeping for about five hours a night these days. This makes for a happier, more energetic mama. I chalk it up to their getting a bit older, becoming more efficient eaters, and our nightly routine, which consists of:
  1. Bath. I take them upstairs to my parents big jet tub, which to them is a swimming pool. They kick their little legs like tadpoles and just love it. Up until I get to washing their hair, which they detest because they know now that it signals the end of the bath. Baths every other night, on off-nights we just wash down with a wash cloth.
  2. Powder, lotion, brush hair, snuggles, jammies.
  3. We listen to Snow White, in which I re-enact all the parts with much gusto. The best nights are when Trev comes in to sing the Prince's part, like tonight.
  4. Swaddles. Nice tight comfy swaddles, and lay them next to each other in the crib. 
  5. Zzzzzzzz.......
If I were to give a new mom of twins advice, it would be routine and schedule. Babies need to eat at the same time, our you'll lose your mind. And don't clean the house at every tiny break you have - read, sew, cook, blog or whatever.

Oh, and I figured out what made Josephine so upset two days ago. I'd never given her formula in her life, she only had breastmilk, sometimes with formula in it to beef it up, but never formula straight up. At the time she didn't fuss any more than normal with the bottle (which both my babies H-A-T-E) so I didn't think anything about it. But afterward, I realized it was the only thing I had done differently. I think it made her stomach hurt. Definitely not worth trying again, a whole day of fussing for a bottle. Next month they will start with solids, so I think it's okay to bypass the bottle in honor of better days and nights for her.

Our days are happily rolling along. My girls are so sweet, so cute, and I just love everything about this stage of their life. I really didn't know I could be quite so content. I read in Toni Morisson's book Mercy about a woman called 'Sorrow' because she had lost her mind as a child. But once Sorrow has a child to take care of, she changes her name to 'Joy.' I wondered at the time if this was a little too much, or a bit exaggerated, but now I think I know what that was hinting at.

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  1. I love how swaddled babies look like little burritos. So funny and cute.