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Since I was a teenager I had this idea in the back of my mind that life only speeds up and never slows down, basically until you die. This was influenced by church leaders and teachers. But I've found that domesticity, motherhood and children have definitely slowed things down. I don't remember relaxing during those two years of grad school, but I do remember stretching the edges of my brain and constantly working of my thesis. Undergraduate was like that too. Anyway, as much as I loved school, I really love what I'm doing now even more. My mind is free to explore and think imaginatively. Spending the majority of my day doing completely mundane tasks (can I just say DIAPERS?!) my inner landscape is brimming with ideas and creativity in a way it never was before because of the rigidity of formal education. I've been listening to books on tape and my imagination has been able to fill in the cracks, and getting into fabrics and the whole sewist world has been like jumping into a new and rewarding world. I feel like my mind is blossoming in new directions, and I wasn't expecting that.

I swear, every time I pull out the laptop its like the babies know I'm not thinking about them for even a minute, and through a fuss. Same thing happens when I'm on the phone. Right now Josephine is writhing on the floor about five feet ahead of me like a lost soul in the Sahara, staring at me and wailing as if I didn't just feed her and change her and love her awake. She has two little teeth buds popping up on her bottom gums. I suppose I should answer her call, especially since Millie is joining in, just for the sake of joining in. They copy each other all the time. Anyway. Till next time.

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  1. The problem is that once they are about 2 they start requiring more of your brain as well as your body.....