1 pound well earned

I had my 20-week doctor's appointment yesterday, and I have gained but a pound since I became pregnant. The nurse asked me why that was, and I told her that between chasing newly walking twins,  their begging for the food on my plate even after they've had a full meal (because it MUST be better than what I gave them), and the third little cantaloupe-sized babe inside, I'm not sure I'm actually getting any calories.  But I'd be quite pleased if the doctor would write me a prescription for more Sugar Tooth Fairy double chocolate cakebites!
Tomorrow we will know if we're having a girl or boy, so its your last chance to vote on our poll. Dr. Nance said that the ultrasound tech hasn't been wrong once, so I am extremely excited. If I could choose, I think I'd pick a boy because I'd love for Jo and Millie to have a brother, but heaven knows I am a happy mama of little girls. I know just what to do with them. Speaking of which, the girls got their Christmas present from their Nana Moo and Papaya early this year. A 6-foot tall dollhouse. I got to choose the colors, and went with a palette of chocolate brown and buttercream yellows. I love it, and the best part about it is that when/if they grow out of it, it can be a perfectly adorable bookshelf.

I've been wanting to post a blog for days and days now, but haven't had a baby-free moment in well, days and days. I've been compiling a list of my favorite things the twins do these days:

  • Yesterday the very first thing she did upon waking up and getting out of her crib was to find her Curious George book, and bring it to my lap. I think she would be happy if I read to her at least two books an hour of her waking day, so long as I make all the animal sounds. I love this about her.
  • She has become attached to a little Pooh bear, who has started doing everything with her. I don't like him sitting on her high chair tray next to her breakfast, lunch and dinner, but if Pooh isn't visible, she's upset.
  • She walks with an unnecessarily wide stance, and its hilarious.
  • My mom and I gave her a haircut, and now she looks more pixie-ish than ever.
  • She chatters endlessly. She's experimenting with her tongue and makes the funniest toddler talk you've ever heard.
  • This girl can make faces. It cracks me up everyday. 
  • Her walking is much slower and measured. It must be hard having such a huge head.
  • She's the most social little one, she cries when anyone leaves the house, and loves crowds of people. She did not inherit this from me.
My visiting teachers came over a few days ago, and while Millie was rolling around on the floor making faces and sounds and generally exuding "Aren't I the cutest?!", Jo was much more reserved around the strangers and grabbed a (you guessed it) Curious George and brought it to my lap. She knows I will drop anything I'm doing if she wants me to read to her, so she naturally anticipated I would stop talking to the intruders on our couch and read to her. I flipped through the pages and kept talking to the visiting teachers, and Jo started rocking and fussing on my lap because just looking at the pictures wasn't reading. And when they left, Millie bawled. So interesting to see the differences in children so blatantly because they're twins.

I'm very concerned about how I'm going to manage three when I feel like two take all my energy. I mean, where is this new little one going to fit in? I don't think parents who haven't had twins can understand the absolute necessity of a schedule, and I am downright obsessive about mine. I have very little flexibility about it, and its for my own sanity, I swear. I'm just not sure how this new baby is going to throw it all off when I've worked so hard to make it work. Mmm...I guess I'll just have to roll with the punches.


  1. Congrats on the one pound! Your lists of things the girls do is adorable. Can't wait to talk to you tonight and hear the good news. :)

  2. Congrats Shelly on the new baby girl coming! I am right there with you on keeping to a schedule! Once your third comes, just keep to that schedule and your babes and you will all adjust after awhile! I am still nervous about making the jump to three, and I don't even have twins! You are an inspiration! Its crazy that we are all having babies now! Yikes! Where did the time go! Thanks for writing such a great blog!

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