hoping for a peaceful feeling

I think in all my efforts to memorize titles, artists, dates, revolutions, Catholic creeds, types of tapestries, names of museums, medieval authors and artists, etc., I missed out on some big "you need to know this to be a functioning adult" lessons. Not that I would change that, but I've had a steep learning curve about credit scores, lease agreements, banks, and all that this week. My head is spinning. We've decided not to buy, but to rent for 2 years. We've found a place that is ideal for us right now in Lehi, it has everything I was hoping for. The yard is no bigger than a postage stamp, but to a 15-month-old, its enough. Its been a confusing last few days trying to figure out everything, and I wish I was feeling peace about it. Learning about the financial world is far less interesting than, say, the difference between the Loire Valley tapestry weavers and the Belgian ones. Its stretching my brain, and that's always a good thing, but its just so....boring.

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