My girls are like monkeys. They are wild and rambunctious and make horrific messes. Today my mom and I were trying to eat a quick lunch at Red Robin. I don't know exactly what was in the twins today, but they were eating the crayons, throwing the coasters, splashing their hands in my soup, pulling out straws, running away, getting their legs caught, spitting out every iota of food I tried to give them (French fries, people!), smooshing the paper box advertisements, snatching napkins and wiggling out of my arms. My mom and I were laughing at what a scene they were, it was a classic kid scene. We splurped down our soup and asked for the check from a very confused, young waitress who didn't seem to have ever seen a 16-month-old before. It was great.
At home its almost the same story, but usually a little more controlled. I only half-joke with my family that its like letting two chimpanzees loose. They're just so curious about everything, and into everything. Right now they're fascinated with the pantry - onions, potatoes, sacks of unpopped popcorn, soda cans, etc. Needless to say, I'm exhausted by the end of the day. And poor Trev, he hasn't had a spare moment. Between his full time job and school, that man never rests. I've been so worried about him. Twice he's laid down for "a quick rest" still wearing his clothes and all, and slept the whole night, and then he kicks himself in the morning for the work he didn't finish. This isn't good and it stresses me worrying about him. Six more weeks, folks, and school will be memory.
Wish me luck with the chimps.

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