I'm 24 weeks along. For some reason that number hit me hard last night when I figured it out. Time is moving very fast for me these days. Jo and Millie have finally come out of whatever 3-week funk they were in, and acting like their happy, curious selves. Giving me voluntary kisses and hugs, quietly going to sleep, and cheerful. I've missed them!
I am HUNGRY. ALL THE TIME. I don't remember being this hungry with the twins, but I must have been. Its hard because I know that weight gain post-pregnancy is worse after your second pregnancy, and I hardly had time to lose much after the twins, so I'm trying to be careful BUT I'M SO HUNGRY. Everything looks yummy. Where's the line between pregnancy hunger and gluttony?! Bah! I'm trying to eat healthily at least, but its hard when your sister is the best freaking baker I've ever tasted.

We're about 90% sure we're going to name this little girl Hazel Luthien Williams. 10 points if you know where the middle name is from (Julie and Sarah, yes I know you know! :)


  1. Wow, you guys get +10 nerd points for Luthien. I think it's a great name actually. I would not be surprised if I found such a name on the eventual children of my brother Steven.

    Good luck eating heathily!

  2. ...do I still get the 10 points? ;)

  3. Yes, Julie, for being awesome. I love Luthien, not only as my favorite Tolkien heroine but as a name too. I think its lovely. People who only know the movies won't know what its from, only true fans will, and if you know who she is you know she ROCKS.
    Prof. Corey Olsen did this whole class on that part of the Silmarillion on how she is a type for Christ and selfless love. That was the kicker for me.