small victories, and a royal affair!

I decided to chin up and keep a stiff upper lip and all that, and went grocery shopping alone with all three chiclets. We all survived, and brought food home. Huzzah!

Is anyone else so excited for Kate & William's wedding? A British royal wedding doesn't happen every year! The pomp, the frills, the ceremony, the Britishness of it all! Not sure how I'm going get the twins to sit still, but I AM going to watch a little of it!

It reminded me of when I was 9 years old, I watered my British neighbor's plants whilst they were away on vacation. Upon her return I very politely refused payment and instead asked for her commemorative Charles & Diana wedding tea tin. Its still an object I see every day and enjoy.

Not like we have the budget for it, but I really want something small to commemorate William and Kate's wedding to accompany my tea tin, and I was thinking about this....

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  1. I love the tea towel!
    My mom had a set of Charles & Di commemorative vases. Daycare kids broke one once. I remember her painstakingly super gluing it back together. It was that special.