la maison de jo & millie, and a red neck roller coaster

My grandpa had four last requests. One of them was to buy Jo and Millie something to play with in the yard. I chose a playhouse, which Trevor and my dad spent half of today building, to marvelous results!

And well, we had some fun with the lawn mower. We call it "red neck roller coaster."


  1. Priceless. Oh I'm excited to come home here in a few weeks! What sweet girls!

  2. Holy cow! You guys are awesome! I love the little house, and I especially love the roller coaster. I can't wait for Bonnie to be big enough to ride it. She'll love it! I'm only sad that I'm too big. Wait, am I too big? Yes, yes, probably so.

  3. I love it all!!! Especially the redneck roller coaster! :D They will have fun on that for a very long time!!!