For my birthday, my dearest friend gave me a unique gift. She printed out all of our texts back and forth from the past two years, including the pictures. It doesn't make sense unless you know that we text each other everyday, about everything, and we both have little girls close in age.
Re-reading our messages back and forth reveals quite an honest history of the past two years. More honest than say, this blog. Because she's my best friend I'll tell her things I wouldn't tell other people. It also revealed to me how much better things are now than they were when the twins were wee babies. I would never have thought to read through all our messages, but as Sarah put it, we do write letters to each other like women did in ages past, ours are just shorter and get to each other quicker.

On a similar note, I met with three of my best friends from high school the other day. I loved seeing them and catching up. What beautiful, intelligent and faithful women. Eight years out of high school, and we're all stay-at-home moms with more than one child. What was best for me was being able to speak honestly about the trials of motherhood with women who know me, won't judge, and are having the same experiences. It was certainly one of those social events that energized me.

I'm glad to have such friends, even if we live far away from each other, and for the honesty those friendships bring.

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  1. You know, Shelley, I had a best friend just like that--my Becky, who passed away almost 7 years ago. We spoke every day, and we told each every thing. We knew at the time that we had something rare.