Kate & I

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Windsor, is my dear old friend. Or at least my subconscious thinks so. I have had at least a dozen dreams where she is my friend and we do adventurous things together. Our most recent night time excursion was on a safari, where we saw exotic beasts and she filled me in on all the Buckingham gossip. She adores Will, but he is aloof and she worries about all the time he spends away from her. The queen is a source of great strength for her, and despite what some say, she is a great woman with wisdom and compassion for her people. Harry is wild, and if it weren't for the public's constant attention, he'd be a loose cannon.
Yes, she tells me a lot of royal secrets. My favorite dream-get-together was when she came to my house, dressed in her glorious wedding gown, and plopped down next to me, Diet Coke in hand, and laughingly told me all the backstage goodies while we watched the DVD of her wedding. Princess Beatrice chose that hat as a last-minute save because the hairdresser could not control her unruly locks.

I wonder if Kate has dreams about me; maybe she helps me change Hazel's diaper, or comes with me to Sunroc to pick out paint.


  1. If I could have a dream-companion, it would be Dumbledor, or Matt Prawitt. Or Chris Carrabba.

  2. Shelley, I am sure that Kate has dreams about you too. I just know it in my inner most being! (Why am I looking over your old blog posts? Looking for videos about the twins eating for a research project.) I just know that you two are and will be friends in the future.