Thor and his Thorettes

I consider comic books part of ubiquitous 'literature.' Almost every man I know younger than 30 reads them. Trevor loves comic books, graphic novels, etc. I personally don't like them, but I respect that Trevor does. His favorite super hero is Thor, so we laughingly call the girls his 'Thorettes.'*
A few years ago we bought this used DVD collection of classic Superman cartoons from the 1940s. About two months ago I put it on for the twins in the car, and they haven't been the same since.
Jo runs around the house with her arms in front of her squealing "Super-ma-ma-ma-man!" Today at the library, Millie ran away from me, and came back a few minutes later with a Superman comic book. I still don't know where the comic books even are in the library, but Millie sure does.

Score one for Thor.

*Trevor gets a real kick every time we work on a house project together. Gives him the chance to shout "Hammer!!!"

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