art appreciation

I did something kind of brave. I submitted my CV to UVU's Continuing Education to teach art history. It might surprise you to know that I don't actually have a lot of free time, so I've been thinking for a long time that teaching through something like Continuing Education would be perfect. I'd get to keep my head in Art History, get more experience teaching, but without a whole lotta grading, or preparation time.
I like UVU as a university. I feel like the people who run it are open-minded and flexible. So when I saw the "Art Appreciation" as an area they were looking for a teacher on their website, I jumped on it. I came up with several types of classes I could teach - from the very broad to very narrow. I told them I could do a general art appreciation class, teaching people how to look at art and make connections to what they are seeing. Or maybe a very basic Art History overview (a la ARTHC 111). I even thought maybe a class that just lectured on the world's most famous art works would be of general interest.
Then I told them about my areas of 'expertise,' and said I could teach a class on Art of the Ancient World: Egypt, Greece & Rome. Or Medieval Art in Western Europe, or even a Celtic and Anglo-Saxon class. I'd be most thrilled to teach a class on Napoleonic art, or medieval textiles.
They were prompt in getting back to me, and were enthusiastic at my interest. However the teacher coordinator has recently retired, and it might be weeks until they hire another, and weeks after that until they can get back to me. So it may not be till fall, but I'm excited nonetheless! I need more art history in my days....
What kind of art class would you sign up for, if it was for fun?


  1. extremely, extremely, extremely cool. I'm actually looking into getting a 2nd Bachelors through UVU, because I'm not qualified for any grad programs, and BYU won't take you back if you actually left with a degree. It'll take me 10 years, because I'll have to do it 3-6 credits at a time, but I've got to get my toes back in academia or I might bust. (Granted, I can't go back to school until we've saved up for a Down payment on a house - so It'll be at least Fall if not later)

  2. HOORAY! I hope that they get to use you. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a few weeks. I've made so many PowerPoint presentations since I graduated in 2008. If you ever want to look any over or use some of mine (creating the slide presentations takes more work than anything else), let me know.