I can't call it 're-decorating,' because our bedroom has never been 'decorated' at all. So I'm officially making our bedroom lovely. I sewed new curtains, and I'm collecting material for some new pillows, and last weekend I finally got a nightstand.

I got it cheaply because it needed a lot of cleaning. Its an old washstand, and that shabby-chic I love. By the way, that phone works, its not just decoration :). Trev likes to keep fresh flowers in the house for me, which makes me happier than I can say.

And inside? Not much more than chapstick, lotion and some Kate & Wills mags.

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  1. I love that nightstand!! We don't have any and it would match our room so well. If only we lived in Utah where most people don't know the real value of things. That would have been hundreds at an antique store here. It's cheaper to buy new (read: poorly made) here.