On our last excursion to Target, I let Josephine and Amelia choose their own nail polish. Who can resist that brightly-lit aisle with hundreds of colors, in compact, precious bottles? Not my twins.
The colors they chose were so, so indicative of their personalities.

Amelia's choice: "Pinky Glitter." Bright pink, sparkle-sparkle, in a curvy bottle. She is the all-American, yee-hah outdoor girl, my Millie. Bring on the bling and sparkle, so long as she can play outside. Outgoing, bright, happy, vivacious, girly, curvy, and a little temperamental; all words that could describe the girl and the polish she picked.

Josephine's choice: "Air." Sky blue, shimmery, delicate, petite, in a sophisticated, European-ish bottle with squared edges. I think my Jo would have done very well as an only child in an old monarchical family. Her tastes run toward the rarefied (don't know who she got that from :), her favorite toys are a Madame Alexander doll and a vintage Steiff monkey. She herself is petite, porcelain skin, elfin features with a touch of sophistication.

I was too afraid of a broken glass bottle on the store's floor to let Hazel pick one, seeing as I was shopping alone with 3 kids as it was. She'll get a turn, I'm a fair mom. Their nail polish choices reminded Trevor of the first time they chose their own shoes.

So what nail polish is your favorite color, and what does it say about you?

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  1. I just love love love this post. Such fun.

    Hmmmm. i don't know what describes me, but I am always attracted to strong dark colors.