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On the scale of technophilia, 'tis no secret I fall on the ludite end. I hate how the world is moving towards tablets. Even if convenient, they are isolating. Dozens of my favorite music albums were uncovered in the upper floor of the Graywhale near the U, chatting with some cooky dude who introduced me to some wild indie artist I would never would have thought to plug my earphones into. I have so many treasured memories of driving out to the movie rental dive with my Sarah, where we'd laugh over titles and pick a movie we didn't know existed. And bookstores. Oh my. Sometimes a book will literally speak to you. Its the cover, the weight, the typeface, the way it looks on the shelf or feels in your hand, it will say 'Pick me up!' Books don't have that kind of power through a tablet or computer. As soon as you bid sayonara to brick-and-mortars, you are adrift in a sea of opinions. Its easier to pigeon hole into specific genres or authors.
I think we are surrendering experiences and adventure for convenience and novelty. I may be an old granny with a house full of old books that my grandchildren will laugh and ask, "Granny why don't you just get a gobbledy-gook 9.9-pad?" And I will give a knowing smile, and ask them to just try to sit and read a paginated book.
I will never be a tablet reader, ever, and will patron bookstores as long as they exist. I want to see and talk to people about music and books, and be exposed to new ideas I otherwise would have missed sticking to my own internet pathways. Community!

Suddenly I'm sounding like my eighteen-year-old self, campaigning against cell phones on campus with buttons reading 'Cut the Cord!' Mmm....yeah, that didn't exactly stem the tide either :)....

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  1. Heh, I remember the "Cut the Cord" campaign. Interestingly, over the past few years, either it's not as big a problem it used to be, or, more likely, I no longer notice nor care.