invisible pink bananas

As I was tossing my shirt into the washing machine, I took a moment to examine exactly what was on it. The contents of said remains are a pretty good summation of my life these days:
  • Blood. From Jo's lip that Millie landed on at the bottom of the slide. Snot was also there, from her crying on me.
  • Red Kool-Aid stain from Hazel's mouth when I picked her up after dinner. (My stinking cell phone is also stained with this red Kool-Aid. It will never work again.)
  • A wide swath of plain 'ol dirt from sitting on the ground, while Millie brought me rocks that were Tinkerbell and Jo brought me invisible pink bananas. 
  • Smudge of dog food from Samwise's muzzle 
  • Bread crumbs from my homemade bread
Not exactly what Mary Crawley's maidservant would find on her evening gowns at the end of a tea party-filled day at Downton, but whatever. We end these days exhausted, sunburnt, and one blessed day older. 

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  1. This really made me smile. While my sister was staying with us she made a comment one day about how much "stuff" comes out of my kids each day... and how I just go with it. So many diapers, sometimes throw up, snot everywhere, food, etc I clean up constantly. That night when I changed into PJ's I found two junior mints on the inside of my shirt that had been smashed to bits while the family watched a disney movies earlier. I LOVE examining the contents of my shirts each night. Seriously- it's comical.