list of loves

My list of annoyances about having 2 almost-three-year-olds and 1 almost-eighteen-month-old is frighteningly close to being longer than the things I love. There are times I think childhood is just a continual runny nose and ear infection. In an effort to remind myself of the 'love' list, here are my favorite things the girls have been doing lately:

Jo: When she curls up in a ball on my lap to cuddle. Her skin is so fresh and soft, with her sweet brown hair. Such a tender moment for me, its a good thing she loves to cuddle.

Millie: About two months ago her big toe was sticking out of her sock, like a lone little man. Then he started wiggling, and talking! Her big toe doesn't speak English, he speaks 'toe.' It is endlessly funny for her dad and me, and she knows it. Sometimes when we're angry with her moodiness, she'll pull the talking-toe card, and knows it will elicit laughter.

Hazel: Oh my word, Hazel Hugs. I live for that little girl's hugs. She puts her arms around my neck as far as they will go, and with all her little might she gives a hearty squeeze, followed by some loving pats. Delicious.

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