I will never-evah miss having twin infants. Or twin one-year-olds, or twin two-year-olds. But three-year-old Jo and Millie, I might miss. Just in the past few weeks they've advanced so quickly. There are key milestones they passed that have made our quality of life infinitely better. They have conversations with me. Full sentences, full thoughts, we communicate. It is wonderful. And the things that come out of their mouths! Millie: "Mama, I caught a will-of-the-whisp, but it flew away to find a fairy." Jo: "This is Tinkerbell's house, but she's gone getting chocolate waffles." Or, my favorite thing Jo said today: "Mama, you're my friend. You're my mother. My mother-friend."
I can do this! I am a much happier mama with this whole cooperation thing going on. Also, potty training is happenin'. The girls help themselves when they need to, but they still need diapers when we leave the house or when they sleep. Whatever, they can go to preschool. Things are looking up!

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