hating on the potties

Potty training twins is the worst. It is so much harder than diapers. The bathroom floor is constantly wet (with what? Piddle or water?!), toilet paper is everywhere, and it stinks. And there's two icky little potties on the floor to trip you up in the middle of the night, because, oh no! It would be too hard for them to use a big potty! They drop their underoos willy-nilly and spend the majority of the day completely naked, even if we have company.

A Han Solo line comes in my mind frequently these days......"No reward is worth this!"


  1. I hear your pain. We are in the midst of it, too. It's exhausting, all these constant trips back and forth from the loo to the marshmallow treats to the juice boxes to keep him piddling so he can, surprise, piddle even more to make it a habit. Some days I just put a diaper on him so I can relax for half an hour. But good news, we had business happen on the potty today! The end may not be in sight but at least i got away with no poop in the undies for a day. My hat is off to you for having to do it with two.

  2. Btw, we bought him a potty but it sits under the sink. He was way to unstable on the big potty but I put him on backwards and it works great and he can see what is going on.

  3. I say get rid of the mini-potties. No sense teaching your kids to go potty somewhere just to have to do it all over again so they'll use the toilet. And what do you do when you are on the road or at church? It just makes more sense to me to put George on the toilet from the get go. Besides, if I'm trying to get away from having to wipe bums and change diapers, why would I want to clean out a potty? But that is just my opinion.

    We started introducing George to the toilet at 18 months. I put him on there after every diaper change. He got sick of it after a while and it took a few more tries and fails but now he is trained and loving it! I don't think he even remembers that he used to wear diapers. Don't give up! They won't go to high school in diapers!

  4. I don't know of they'd use it, and then there's the problem if they have to go at the same time.....but Brooke had a really cool chair that converted the potty into a smaller one- but unlike the ones at the store it had a little ladder stepstool so Hailey could get on it by herself.