What to do if you get a water bill for $534

1. Panic, then cry. Blub on the phone to your husband at work, who will try to comfort you, but all you can think about is how many other ways you'd prefer to spend $534.
2. Try to determine where the leak is. Dig holes all over the yard in a wild search for the leak losing you $20 a day, 4 gallons a minute.
3. Leave voice mails to everyone in the city public works and water departments, to see if they have a leak in their pipes instead.
4. Welcome the city worker who determines it is not a leak on their pipe, but truly your problem. He will show you where your pipes are so at least you know where to dig now.
5. Dig some more. A lot more.

Now this is where a miracle intervened in our story, in the form of a big-hearted ward member. K was driving home on his Saturday afternoon after going to Seven Peaks with his boys, saw Trevor and my father digging, and just stopped by the see if we needed help. He was our answer to prayer, because he had the exact expertise and the tools to help us. With his help, a trench was dug almost 5 feet down to the water line. He worked the backhoe, and Trevor, bless him, dug in the ditch. I also had a Dad in Shining Armor. He worked like a slave all day, and repaired the sewage piped that was damaged in the excavation. As he said, he "cut the crap."

This is what an awesome dad looks like.

And this is now the view right outside our side door. Breaks the heart. I gotta put a plug in here - my husband (By Thor's Hammer!) broke up that concrete with just a sledge hammer. Yeah, he's hot.

The line from the water main to the house.

Our angel help.

This is where the sewer line broke.

Turns out the leak was about 9 feet down, under the patio, which is why we never saw a single sign of a leak. The entire water line is now replaced. And part of the sewage. Living without water was not easy with sticky girls. There is still so much to do - the sprinklers are in complete disarray. We still need a plumber to fix several things. But I am grateful for the helping hands that made our progress so much quicker and got us water again.

Oh, and what was I doing while the men were digging? Working with my own indoor plumbing problem.


  1. I guess we can be glad you were able to find the problem that quickly. I'm so sorry about the whole ordeal!

  2. We had a leak at one point. Luckily, Irving has a program where they won't charge you for the water wasted due to the leak if you submit some sort of proof that there was a leak and that it was fixed. I have a lot of sympathy for you. It was one of the most stressful weeks of my life good luck.

  3. Oh I am so sorry! Spending money on household breaks is the worst. Maybe dental work is worse. I don't know. We're doing dental this month... so it's hot on my mind:). I'm glad things are getting fixed though!

  4. Oh, Shelley! I'm so sorry! I'm glad that you found the leak, though. What a huge ordeal. I don't feel like I can complain about my piddly ant infestation, after reading this post!