a good list

Spending day-in and day-out with little children can be grueling. You can get stuck, as Jeffery Holland puts it, 'staring at your shoelaces.' I've been making efforts to pay attention to the good things, the successes, the visible progress. Because, yes, every day is work, but sprinkled in their is humor, kindness, humility, and tenderness. In an effort to hold onto the good things I've been compiling this list of my favorite things about each child:
  • She is so attached to the elderly nursery workers. She bawls if she has to leave early. Its charming to see her guide these calloused-hand, sixty-year-old men around by their fingers. She adores them.
  • I'm trying to explain to the twins about germs. Jo is having a hard time grasping the concept, and about twice a day she'll ask me: "I am not a germ, right mama? I'm a cute little girl."
  • Jo was worn out, and sitting on the couch. She was completely engrossed in Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and didn't noticed I had sat next to her. About a minute later, she started and said, "Mama! You scared me!"
  • She makes up songs and sings them to me.
  • Sometimes Millie addresses me like I do her. She'll say things like, "Sorry sweetie, the food is too hot to eat." Or, "Don't run away, kiddo!" Or, my favorite, "Its broken, hon."
  • She is still obsessed with Captain Hook. Forget princesses, this kid is all about the naughty pirates. I made her a CD of Captain Hook songs about three months ago, and she still wants to listen to it everyday.
  • She can be very tender with me, and gives me more kisses and hugs than the other two.
  • I never, ever take for granted what a good eater and sleeper she is. 
  • She is such a coy little flirt, and no one can resist her long eyelashes, golden curly hair and bright blue eyes!
  • If I am not sure where Hazel is, she has almost certainly snuck upstairs to her bedroom to play in the dollhouse. She could play up there for hours and be content. Out of the three girls, Hazel loved the General Store best.
  • Her vocabulary is growing so quickly, and it is making everyone happy.
  • She got the bum-end of the deal today - her uncles took her twin sisters to the splash pad so I could take her for her 18-month check-up. After her three shots, I took her to the antique store to let her pick from the dollar toys. She picked a My Little Pony, that makes two for her collection. She LOVES them, and loves the tv show.

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