the third child

Hazel may be potty trained before she has her eye-teeth. We did some prime time training today and she nary had a single accident.
This is so typical of Hazel - precocious, smart, easy. Its the same with everything. Put her to bed, she goes straight to sleep. Give her food, she'll eat it. Ask her to do something (most of the time) she does it. The twins are totally the opposite; everything is a battle, from the minute they wake up to the minute I close the door on their room at night. I have to beg, plead, coerce, convince and downright bribe them to do things like eat and sleep. And potty training was a nightmare with them.
This brings up questions: Is my third child easier because she is a remarkable kid? Or am I becoming a better parent? When I face new challenges with the twins, am I making an environment that invites discord? Are the two eldest so intensely difficult because there are TWO of them? Whats the deal? Or do all third children just come to earth with calmer dispositions?
I don't know the answer to any of those questions, but I certainly hope the next child takes after Hazel.


  1. I know that I instinctively learned from watching my older brother get in trouble and/or exasperate our parents. Hazel may not even know she's doing it, but it's definitely an indication of a bright, easy going child. A blessing all around :)

  2. Ha! Just realized that I inadvertently called myself bright. LOL! I was really thinking about Hazel when I said that :)

  3. I have learned never to assume anything my kids do right or well or easily is due to my parenting. It's like an invitation for God to laugh at me. I do, however tend to beat myself up when things are rough (especially with Oliver - he's a similarly strong-willed crazy face). I just have to remember that with each child, I'm learning how to be their parent as much as they are learning how to be a functional autonomous person. Lots of learning, inevitably some pain.