three thoughts:

  1. The twins enact the definition of 'laugh yourself silly.' They think their twin is the most hysterical person alive. Two nights ago at dinner Millie's antics were making Jo laugh so hard she had to catch her breath, and almost fell off the bench. Its absolutely infectious - impossible to see them laughing so hard and not join in, even if I don't understand at all what is so funny. Twin humor. Its funny, even when its not.
  2. The nursery leader told me this on Sunday: "Your girls are so sweet, they always stick up for each other if another kid takes their toy, and they always comfort each other when they get hurt. They'll run over to their sister and say, "Oh, dear, are you okay?" They must be so sweet at home." They aren't that way at home, at home they steal each others toys and push each other over. But apparently its only okay if it happens in the family, and at home. Change the location and they make a little Williams tribe.
  3. I wonder when the day will be that I brush Millie's hair and I don't find a stray leaf, twig or dirt clod. It will be sad.

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