one darling

Parenthood comes with all these icky jobs. Stuff you'd really rather not do; wipe noses, bums, bathrooms, stained clothes....
But on the flip side, there are tender and sweet moments that far outweigh the ugly stuff. Putting Hazel to bed, for example. It is an absolute joy to put that child to bed. She snuggles into my shoulder, sings along with me, giggles, babbles. Her prayers are pretty precious. She hugs her bears, and holds them tight while she lays down on her pillow. Every single naptime and bedtime she asks to listen to Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (the exact same CD I listened to when I was little!). She's learning the words to the songs, and a few minutes later I can hear her singing the songs outside her door.
She is one darling girl.

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