Finding the Christmas Spirit, part II

Trevor and I heard snatches of an incredible choir singing Christmas carols - and wham! There's the Christmas Spirit! I was filled with a spirit of generosity and Christmas loving, and immediately the Grinch inside was sent packing to his cave. I have even figured out an inexpensive gift to make for our friends and neighbors that I might be able to do in a couple of hours. So, just like that, Christmas is my favorite holiday again.
Singing used to be a central activity in my life. In middle and high school I sang in all the choirs, even the extracurricular ones. I took singing lessons from a patient teacher who was always frustrated at my lack of volume. I sang solos in the concerts, wearing big pouf dresses. In high school I probably spent at least two hours a day practicing; for my Art Royalty competition I sang an aria accompanied by my dad. I was as devoted to singing as I was to getting straight A's.
In college, I wanted to double major in music and Art History. But BYU's music program is really good at weeding out students like me, those who love to sing but don't have serious musical talent. So I sang in other choirs, but eventually my true love of Art History absorbed all my time. I still love to sing, but nowadays it is heard mostly in the kitchen, the car, and lullabies putting my little ones to sleep. But whenever I see a choir, I want to hop in to sing too. I sing my heart out at church. I really felt the Christmas Spirit at church this morning, while singing with the congregation of my neighbors and friends.

Sacred music has helped me find Christmas again this season, and I really needed it.

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