Little White House

When we pull out of the driveway, the girls wave farewell and say "Goodbye, little white house!" They love it here, it fits us so well, and I love it too. I love that Trevor has his own Man Hut for his drums, arts and his 'armory,' which most recently has acquired a tomahawk. Gotta have some balance to my girly somewhere :)! I love having space to make our own, look for perfect solutions for small spaces, celebrate the girls with what we put on the walls.
We have this funny little phone nook in the hallway, and sometimes I wonder what kind of conversations the old Springville Police Chief had there mid last century. It's my favorite spot in the house to decorate for the seasons. In the summer I put flowers in little vases there. I've found small frames for miniature works of art. I love how it turned out for Christmas!
I've also been trying to figure out how to display all the artwork my girls create. The fridge was too crowded, and too often the art was mussed by Samwise's wet mug. I found a fabulous and inexpensive solution at the Beehive Bazaar!

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