swimming, stuff of dreams

On an average week, I dream about swimming at least twice. Usually I dream I'm at my favorite beach in Hawaii, sometimes at Lake Powell, and sometimes at this lake I've never been to.* These are rejuvenating dreams, and I look forward to them in a way. Some part of my subconscious is always in the water.

When Amelia asked me to take her swimming today, I was surprised. We haven't taken them to the Springville pool (those who are residents will know why). But I thought it was a good idea, so when Trevor came home from work, we dined on shakshuka and went to the pool. I was pleased to act on an idea generated from one of the kids, and not me.

Watching my sweet little girls swim was the most fun I've had in a while. Their imaginations turned them into otters, mermaids, sharks, and manta rays named Floyd. Jo was pretty fearless. Hazel took some long convincing. Amelia did her own thing. Seeing Jo's little face light up and grin jumping into the water to her dad, watching Millie's confidence grow, and holding Hazel while she kicked and did her 'swimmy arms,' was, well, the stuff of dreams :).

*I always wonder about this lake. Is it one I've seen before? Or one that I will see?


  1. This makes me so happy! Shelley, I am 100% with you in distaste for winter, and a love for all things warm, swimming, and sunshine. Sounds like a happy day!

  2. Beautiful Love.. Couldn't have put it better myself. :)