hallelujah for modern medicine

Last September I had sinus surgery, and the recovery was long, painful and pretty gross. There was a point, about 3-4 weeks afterward, that I was pretty sure I regretted doing it. But I was completely wrong, because in the months since the effects of the surgery have, literally, changed my life.
I don't wake up with instant, all-day headaches anymore. This is huge! Since my undergraduate days I had a headache everyday, and just tried to ignore it. It has been absolutely amazing to no longer have those.
For three years I thought I had the wrong prescription glasses because I would get an even worse headache from wearing glasses. Turns out it was just the pressure they put on my sinuses. I can wear glasses with no headache!
The difference in my breathing is like the difference between one of those skinny, red coffee straws versus a McDonald's milkshake straw. Incredible.
It has been amazing to see how much difference one simple surgery, in the hands of a skilled doctor and my dutiful follow-ups, can have on my daily living. Here's a hallelujah for modern medicine!

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