There was this time at Borders when I was about 15, and this little girl came out of nowhere and asked me to read her a book. Of course I did, and before I got to the last page, two other little girls joined us. I remember my mom saying, "You are a little girl magnet. I imagine you in the future, with a bunch of little girls of your own."
Mother's intuition, because it looks like our family will be made up of four little ladies. This fills me with joy. I could not be happier. I love everything girl, and I absolutely love having girls. I truly could not be happier.

But there is a down side. I adore my brothers. I'd rather spend time with them than just about anyone else in the world. I learned a lot from growing up with three boys, and many of the things I learned prepared me for living with a man full-time in marriage. Parts of my personality are definitely different because of them. Examples of wisdom that came from living with three boys:
  • Nintendo IS a waste of time, but it is a relaxing recreational activity for boys. And never try to have any kind of conversation with them if they are playing.
  • My sense of humor was informed by being with them - RiffTrax, SNL, boy jokes...
  • Teenage boys do really dumb things for no reason at all.
  • If a guy doesn't call you back, its not because he isn't interested. He either forgot, or it too lazy. Or he's not interested.
  • If they look like they are distracted when they are talking to you, they are not listening. 
  • They are pretty simple creatures. They are not as complex as women. Period.
  • Speaking of periods, they will gross out a boy no matter how mature they are. You should just avoid the words 'uterus' and 'fallopian tubes.' And asking him to buy tampons for you is not acceptable.
  • They like going to dances, but not as much as you do. Try to make it fun and relaxed.
Now I'm afraid since my almost four girls will not be growing up with any other household males than Trevor and Samwise, they will miss out on these kind of invaluable lessons. I told Trevor he is going to have to step into both roles - dad and brother. He was all over that of course. "Oh, on our Daddy-Daughter dates we'll watch action movies and eat bratwursts."
Okay. So as long as they get enough male exposure so when they start dating men aren't a complete mystery. On the upside, they'll also miss out on the taunting, the hanging-of-your-dolls-from-the-roof-of-your-dollhouse, and stepping on Legos part of having brothers :)....


  1. Oh, four sisters is so fun! Haha, I speak from experience! :D Especially now that we're all getting older. As for having four girls and then dating boys.... well, we've all learned somehow or another? Haha. You and Trevor are very smart people, no doubt your girls are smart, too. Motherly communication will be super beneficial to them when the dating scene comes. My mom was very helpful to me when I was 16. I'm so happy for you and your family!

  2. I used to have the same worry about a family of boys . . Somehow they've managed to turn into pretty decent husbands, although it's true that girls remain somewhat mysterious to them.

  3. I feel the same way about Matt and Josh, although both have bought me tampons :) I also have the same feelings about my girls. I think that your brothers will definitely step in too. It will be so fun.