oh hush.

What annoys the bejeebies out of me is when I tell someone I wouldn't be alive, or any of my children, if it weren't for emergency c-sections, and they don't believe me. In fact, I don't think there is anything that irritates me more. Okay, maybe the child singers on Super Why.
I have many friends who have delivered 'naturally' and are not obnoxious or in-your-face about it. I'm fine with that, to everyone their own. Its the militant, preachy moms who drive me up the wall, and I know several of those too.  I guess militant and preachy anything bugs me.
As the daughter of a doctor, modern medicine has never appeared to be a conspiracy or frightening to me. Its flipping amazing, and I take full advantage of it.
This pregnancy has been hard for me, which came as a big surprise. I'm tougher now, more mature, I can handle anything! But then, wham! Here's a 'sizable' subchorionic hemorrhage, followed by a month of constant bleeding! Scary! And here are some massive in-utero vericose veins that hurt so badly you can't sleep at night! Sciatica! Vomiting! Oh, and let's not forget placenta previa, and the very rare Asherman's Syndrome and intrauterine synechiae!
This is why we needed a Hero Party for my mom, who has been my constant help. I'm so stinking lucky to have her. She's a rockin' awesome grandma. It is literally like almost having a second 'me.' I could kiss her feet.
I will have another cesaerian, there is no doubt, and I am so grateful for it. Even if I had delivered the other three 'naturally,'* this would be a c-section, because of the placenta previa. So when those au natural moms come at me with the arguments for protracted, non-medicated, preachy crap, I want to hit them. Like an Indiana Jones sock-em-to-the-jaw.

*Ugh - women are so hard on each other. Why do we have to delineate? I mean, just because I had c-sections doesn't make me less of a mother, or that there was anything 'un-natural' about it. Just ask Lady Sibyl if SHE liked 'natural.'


  1. Seriously, I don't get militant preachiness about anything. I'm like whatever. Fine. Whatever floats your boat. Meanwhile, leave me alone to float my own boat, thank you very much.

    Congrats. Love it when a girl specializes!

  2. Wow. There are far more important things to worry about than how exactly the child exits the womb. That really shouldn't be anybody's business but yours, your spouse, and your doctor/midwife.
    Having dealt with Crohn's since I was 13, I have had SO many people who aren't even professionals or anything tell me what diet I should eat, how I should change my lifestyle, and even how the word of wisdom is just going to bring me years of pain and problems with the disease! That one actually made me laugh. But seriously, I don't understand the preachiness, either.

  3. Heck, I didn't even give birth to my baby!

    When will we ever figure out that we are not all the same, nor are our circumstances.

  4. If I were a gospel singer, the title of the song I am singing right now would be 'Amen, Sister... Amen.' I will have to call you sometime and tell you just how strongly I agree with you on this point. I respect every woman and her own right to decide her own position on her own birthing experience. Just don't try to rationalize your own awesomeness by forcing your position on me! I was so mad in the nursing lounge the other day that I literally had to bite my tongue. One highlight of the conversation was how modern doctors 'have to tie down a woman to a birthing bed because they are afraid of the raw power a woman in labour exudes.' Another was her enthusiastic request that I not share my own birthing experience with others (similar to yours) so I don't ruin their lives by scaring them out of the natural birth that is their right. Never mind that my children could easily not have a mother if it weren't for modern medicine. I could go on and on. Summary: I agree with you!

  5. UGH, Shelley! I have always wondered why we are so competitive about something we have SO little control over. For the record, my first child was a "natural" delivery, meaning no epidural.We were in the army - no such thing available to me at that time. The other four were completely "normal" deliveries, but I opted for an epidural EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. And yes, some have tried to tell me that I shouldn't have, that it wasn't necessary, etc. BAH. I just count my blessings that I had the choice!