pfefferneussen and wonder

My grandma's pfefferneussen are famous. They are small, round, spicy, German cookies. I can't remember ever visiting without having them on hand. Now my little girls expect them every single time we come to visit, which is usually once a week.

This morning grandma didn't have any pfefferneussen. Girls were keenly disappointed. Jo took grandma's hand and said, with not a little grown-up-edness, "Well, grandma, next time you can have cookies for us." In grandma's words, she was 'tickled' at Josephine's words.

This week is Spring Break, which is does not translate to a break for me. It just means our usual haunts are off limits because Utah Valley's children have been let loose. Amelia really noticed the absence of school today, and said with dismay, "But, I need to do my Centers!" So we did Centers at Grandma's house, and she gave the girls a clipboard and a pencil, and gave them gridded sheets of paper with titles like the "Masonic Graveyard Names of Massachusetts." This kind of organization fired up Josephine's imagination. She wandered around the house, clipboard in the crook of her arm, and jotted things down. She told me she was doing 'inspection,' then sat down, legs crossed, fastidiously holding her pencil correctly. I don't know what she thinks 'inspection' means.

Hazel loved the long lists of names too. This child is a carbon copy of her father. She has his ability to hone in on just one thing and amass powers of concentration to make it 'perfect.' She tries so hard to write letters. She gets so close to tracing them. When I looked at her genealogy paper, she had tried to trace the tiny letters with obvious effort, and on the back let loose her frustration in big fat circles.

We went home and I made lunch. I had crackers with boursin and cherry tomatoes, two slices of pecan-white chocolate bread, and two spears of pineapple. They had oven-baked dinosaur chicken nuggets. The twins made each other laugh so hard I was afraid they would choke on their food.

This is a very run-of-the-mill day for us, and I feel like I have thousands of days like it ahead of me. But sometimes I'm afraid if I don't record it somewhere it will just wash away, or I won't be able to reflect on the goodness of it all. We have wonderful moments, hysterical moments, funny moments, sad ones. Mostly I'm breaking up fights and teaching them. Its all a lot of work, and somehow it takes all of me to do it. But really, we have a wonderful life.

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  1. What a wonderful day! Your little ones sound like a lot of fun!

    I first had pfefferneussen at your grandma's, too! I still have her recipe and still make them at Christmas time!