A built in study buddy

The complaint I hear most often from friends who's children just started kindergarten is that there is too much homework; takes too long for a five-year-old's attention span. Since I still have a long year before my twins start kindergarten, I thought I'd start making them do homework now. My thinking is if I have them doing age-appropriate worksheets for twenty minutes a day now, and increasingly work it up to an hour, maybe it won't be such a hard thing for them when they start school. They still don't ask me why we are doing things, they just are.

So far? Total success. Only hard thing is adapting the pages for Hazel, who of course can't be left out of anything, but isn't at the twins level. She gets angry and frustrated being behind...

And, adding to my list of "Reasons Why Having a Twin Would be Cool,' how great is it to have a built in study buddy for life?!

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