On average, pregnant women measure as large as they are weeks along. So if you're 20 weeks along, you should measure 20 cms. Folks, I am at 42, and I'm at 32 weeks. That is larger than I was the day I delivered twins. Now before you mentally make the leap to link this to my possible bad eating habits, let me tell you that is has nothing to do with how much or what I eat. Its caused by one of three things: 1. Gestational diabetes. I ain't got that, thank goodness. 2. Baby has a problem with her esophagus not connecting to her stomach. This could be the problem - can't tell till she's born. If she has it, she'll be rushed to Primary's for a surgery immediately after birth. 3. Its idiopathic. This is what both my perinatologist and OB think is going on. That means there's not a *cursing* reason for it.

So being larger than a woman should be at full term, my stomach is squished into a pancake. I can't eat much at all, and most of it comes back to visit. Today was the first day my mom and Trevor said I look terrible. Mmm....

Good news today though - we aren't planning a SLC delivery. Because no one thinks I'll make it to Aug. 8, and it will be too much an emergency to drive all the way up there when the emergency happens. Which could be any minute. Nice. If I haven't delivered in the next two weeks, my doc wants me to come live in the hospital.

So, hard times! Not feeling well! Having to rely on others A LOT for the care of my darling girls! Its enough to overwhelm. After I got home today I started crying, and bless their hearts, the twins both rushed to the hankie tin and brought me a hankie. (Since that always stops their crying!) They gave me loves and stroked my arms, and then Millie said, "Mom, lets say a prayer. I know Heavenly Father helps." Then they both took turns saying a prayer for mama. They were terribly sincere, and so grown-up it startled me.

I was really proud of them and their four-year-old faith, and it reminded me how excited I am to bring another sweet baby girl into this world, into our family...

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