Two things first: 1. There's a movie I can't stand, but my children love. So whenever they have a daddy-daughter date, they make a 'nest,' cuddle all together, eat popcorn and watch it. 'It' being Hotel Transylvania. 2. I buy my children's Halloween costumes obscenely early, otherwise they ask me every, single, picking day until I do. I also let them wear their costumes as much as they want to, and no, I don't sew their costumes.
Josephine is obsessed with Mavis from the movie. She is one funny kid.

So when she found this...
...It was clear. She couldn't be Mavis without having vampire father, so she chose a Dracula cape for Trevor. All the girls were anticipating his arrival all day to give him his 'wonderful surprise.'

I think we can all agree that Hazel's costume is pretty darn cute.

Amelia is a Bride-Princess. She's obsessed with bouquets, veils and princesses. So this was a natural fit. I got a little emotional placing a veil on her in front of our bedroom mirror.
I've got some pretty darn sweet, cute girls.


  1. I love them all! Sam has been talking about his Halloween costume since June. We are all getting excited over here, too.

    That look on Hazel's face (in the second-to-last photo) is absolutely precious. That's worthy of being framed!