new and broken records

I know I sound like a broken record - but I miss Utah Valley Regional Medical Center. Primary's is a wonderful hospital, and I could not be happier with the surgeons, the anesthesiologist and nurses who used their impressive skills to create an esophagus for my little one. But it is so, so far away. It is also a much more intense place to spend time.
But there are always happy things to find. I have been carving out half an hour on the way home from the hospital to explore Salt Lake City's record shops. Leafing through new and vintage LPs, people-watching the characters who inhabit such places, and exploring obscure music. Trevor would say 'not obscure, just really weird' music. My three favorite finds from the last week:
I don't 'collect' things, because I hate house clutter. But if I find vintage, French Snow White anything? Can't help myself. I am particularly thrilled with this find, because it tells the story AND songs en francais. Its great for my girls, who know the words in English, it helps them catch on to some French.
I picked this one because the kid at Graywhale told me her voice would "melt you into a puddle." I'm always up for some good puddling. He was absolutely right, and I'm absolutely crazy about this album. Its been on constant play today. 

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