There have been some positive revelations that have come to light through this trying time, and I must admit most of them would not have come any other way. Still doesn't make my almost four-month-old living for months-on-end in the hospital worth it, but whatevs. I say its worth writing down the good things.

  • I am made of steel. I kinda can't believe sometimes how tough and collected I am. Meltdowns happen, sure, but not as often as the moments when I'm tough as nails. This has been an empowering discovery for me.
  • I can manage a lot more than I think I can. This has lead me to a decision. I'm not going to wait until my children leave for college to start working on a PhD in Art History. If I can manage having a newborn in the NICU, and three children under the age of five dependent on me at home and somehow keep it all together, dude! I can handle anything! A dissertation? Psh! Cake.
  • My twins are still my most difficult children. High strung and high-maintenance. But Hazel and Eloise are both incredibly sweet, patient and just plain delightful. I love all my girls equally, but sometimes just thinking about trying to get the twins out the door for school can be...daunting. Shoe drama. Dress drama. Backpack drama. Toy drama. Did I mention - DRAMA?! (I feel obligated at this point to quote my old friend Tom here, "This, coming from the girl who recited the Lady of Shalott in my living room?!")

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  1. Those moments of self-realization are kind of awesome, aren't they? Well played, Shelley.