late night questions

Sometimes the only way to get my Josephine and Amelia to calm down for bedtime is to: 1. Sing to them 2. Sit and talk for a long, loooong time. Tonight I was cuddling with them, and I made mental note of just the questions they asked:

  • Why do fish have teeth?
  • How do fish with no teeth eat?
  • Why do sharks eat fish?
  • Do you like to eat fish, mom? (They know I love fish, they just always ask me)
  • When is there a new aquarium?
  • When I was a baby in the hospital, did you see me everyday like Eloise?
  • Why are flox flowers soft, and some plants are hard?
  • Why are all of Moogie's flox flowers dead?
  • Why does Spencer crack his fingers?
  • Can I crack my fingers?
  • Is Spencer old?
  • Why is it always cold outside?
And lastly,
  • Will you bring me some water?


  1. Love this. You'll be happy you recorded these questions.

  2. I love my nieces haha!!