The best of days

Eloise has an esophagus, a complete, non-leaking, 'perfect' esophagus. I can hardly believe it. The procedure went differently than I planned or expected, and for the first time since she was born, for the better! She lost her chest tube, she lost the garden hose at the back of her throat. I cried for joy when I saw Dr. Meyers, the amazing, brilliant doctor. I haven't felt this happy in so long, it is an actual, physical feeling in my body, a lightness, a warmth in my chest. I had so much good news today, I'm working it all out in my mind.

And to add to it...I am catching the 5:00 flight to Paris today. My father and I are going. I have been incredibly trepidatious and anxious about leaving my children, but between my fabulous aunt coming to help with Josephine, Amelia and Hazel, and all this great news about my darling baby, I am so ready for a trip to my favorite place on earth.

This might be the best day of my life.


  1. It will probably be an emotionally complicated trip, but I hope it is brimming with loveliness for you. So so happy and relieved to hear such a string of good news!

  2. Bon voyage, Sweet Girl.

  3. Amazing news! I'm so excited for you, Shelley, on all accounts. Have a wonderful, fabulous trip. It sounds like it will be just the restorative thing after everything you have carried over the past several months. And, to top it off, you will be able to celebrate knowing that little Eloise is doing well.


  4. I am so so so so so happy! Wow! I cannot wait to talk to you and hear more details!!! Have a wonderful time in your favorite place on earth!!!

  5. Sorry, that "Ryan" is actually Amy... but Ryan is going to be so happy when I tell him the news :).