let it go

It is important to me that every night I have some one-on-one time with each of my children. This is when we talk, read their favorite book, and they get some mama attention. This has been more meaningful in the past months as I have not been home as much.
Tonight I asked each of them what they want to do with Eloise when she comes home:
Amelia: "I will draw her a picture, and hang it on the wall."
Josephine: "Oh, I will sing her lullabies (she gives me a sampling). I will hold her, and touch her face like this, kiss her on her head. OH! And she will LOVE the Let It Go song. She hasn't seen 'Frozen'!"
Hazel: "We will make a cake. And sweet rolls. Yummy sweet rolls."

Of course Hazel would bond through food. That kid has a monumental sweet tooth. Josephine is the one that makes me smile the most, the idea that she has this sister out there who hasn't seen Frozen! Yes, I am sure she will love the Let it Go song, as much as her sisters do.

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