My friend Lisa accidentally typed 'Millisecond' instead of 'Millie' the other day. The nickname has started to stick, because that kid is a mile-a-minute. She is always on full-blast, live out loud, a highly kinetic kid. None of those descriptors could describe me at any time in my life. She and I have the hardest time getting along, but it is important to me to have good relationships with all my girls. So I have to work harder to find those quality bonding experiences with her. Here is my list so far:
Dishes. She and I do the dishes. She loves cleaning and rinsing (by that I mean playing in the sink :) and I load the dishwasher. It takes a good x4 longer to load the dishwasher, but it's good bonding time for us!
Hardware store. Amelia loves Sunroc more than anywhere else. She loves the plants, the hoses, the screws, the free popcorn. She is a joy to bring to the hardware store one-on-one. 
Round-Up. Amelia and I kill weeds together. Oh my word she loves it. She scouts out the 'bad guy weeds' in our soft grass, and I spray. Sometimes we switch jobs. Now we can't go anywhere without Millie's 'Ahh! Mom! A weed!!!'

I love my little girl, and the things we find to bond over. She is precious. 

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